Here are Easy Tips for Smoothing Digestion for Your Activities!

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Day by day, the trend of a healthy lifestyle continues to increase. We are increasingly aware of how important it is to maintain a healthy body to avoid various diseases. Because with a healthy body, the immune system will also strengthen.

Well, maybe some may not know that one of the most important factors that are closely related to endurance is digestive health. 70% of the components of the immune system are in the gut. Good bacteria or probiotics that live in the intestines are in charge of maintaining the digestive system, as well as activating the body's immunity. Also, if your digestion is smooth, the process of nutrition absorption will work optimally. So you can immediately feel the benefits of the nutrients from the food and drinks that you consume every day.

Then what is the most effective way to maintain digestive health? This article will discuss tips on how to make digestion smooth, which turns out to be actually very easy.

The Importance of Consuming Fiber

Maybe you often hear about the importance of consuming fiber for digestive health. In fact, fiber is a type of carbohydrate that is difficult for the digestive system to digest. Because it is difficult to digest, the fiber must pass through the small intestine, before reaching the large intestine and then being excreted from the body in the form of feces. That way, the rest of the dirt, toxins, or substances that are not needed will be immediately removed from the body, and you will avoid constipation.

Fiber has also been shown to be effective in increasing the number of good bacteria in the intestines. Some types of beneficial fiber provide a "food source" for good bacteria so they can continue to thrive.

You can get fiber from eating vegetables and fruits. Starting from kale, spinach, apples, bananas, to seaweed. Of course, you can easily find these ingredients, right?

Drink lots of mineral water

Did you know? Drinking enough mineral water can help with digestion, and of course as everyone knows, mineral water is very easy to find because it is almost certainly sold in every residential area or near places of activity.

But... remember. You have to be cautious in choosing mineral water. Drinking water with no guaranteed quality actually has the potential to contain bad bacteria that can cause stomach pain instead of helping to smooth digestion. Therefore, choose VIT as your drinking water as it meets ISO 9001 and SNI 01-3553-2006 standards from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), and apply the HACCP standard in all its factories. The water used by VIT has gone through physical, chemical, and microbiological tests to meet the quality standards set, and are done with technology and strict quality control.

The average human needs mineral water intake of 2 liters per day. The fulfillment of daily hydration needs will make digestion smooth and the body fresher. Drinking enough mineral water also helps lower the calorie content in the body, and reduces the risk of weight gain. Great benefits, right? No wonder drinking mineral water is the easiest way to maintain health.

You can find VIT in some of your favorite shops and e-commerce, ranging from glass, bottle, and gallon formats. The price is always right on the wallet, so you don't have to worry even at the end of the month.

Those are simple tips for smooth digestion and maintaining your health. Don't forget to always have VIT ready with you wherever you are and feel the benefits for yourself!